a photography and filmmaking studio for love stories around the world

my work is driven by the coalescence of masterful photography and filmmaking, artful storytelling, and stewardship of precious natural spaces. i don't just make art. i help you live it. all over the globe.

Ashley and cameron

Kelly's ability to synthesize tone, mood, movement, and emotion is what makes her stand out. The photos and film from our scotland wedding take our breath away. we see something new each time we look.

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Based in colorado / serving the world 

My team and I take on a select number of weddings each year. Our schedule is carefully curated and meticulously organized to ensure the purest integrity of our work and the highest quality of luxury service to our clients.


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this isn't just 
a profession/
it's personal

I fell in love with the outdoors. 

Then I built a career around it.

When I'm not capturing love stories in spectacular spaces for my couples, I'm exploring them for myself! But it's not just about epic landscapes. It's about safety and respect. It's about honoring the land and those who stood upon it before us.  And recognizing the tremendous privilege it is to retain access to these spaces that are so deeply wild.

Let's keep them that way.

Personal / Road trip through southern utah

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