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I want every single one of my clients to know that I have no expectations of them or of their wedding day other than that they show up will full hearts and love for their partner. 

I've never documented a wedding that didn't move me in some way. 

And I want them to know that I am keenly aware that their priority is to be present on their wedding day, not to participate in a photoshoot. And that every piece of my process is designed to honor and further that  intention. 

My priority first and foremost is to preserve your elopement or wedding day, not disrupt it. We don't need 4 hours to shoot staged photos. You shouldn't miss your cocktail hour. I aim to shoot roughly 75% of your day documentary style, meaning I simply follow along with the flow of events and let the candid photos and footage occur organically. For the other 25%, you can expect efficient direction from me. The latter is most prominent during parts of the day that require a bit more posing, such as family photos. I am often asked if I still take the "traditional" portraits in addition to the candid photos, and the answer is yes. 

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I'm incredibly inspired by film and documentary storytelling and my editing reflects this. I prefer true to tone edits that mimic correctly processed film with colors that reflect how the moment felt as we were shooting.

While I sometimes retouch distracting elements in photos and films, I do not  "edit out" naturally occurring physical traits,  


Couples, maternity, and portrait sessions will be delivered in 2-3 weeks.

Wedding galleries will be delivered in 8-10 weeks. I aim to provide a small preview gallery (approximately one dozen photos) within 72 hours of your wedding.

Wedding films will be delivered in 12-16 weeks.

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You can expect about 75 photos per hour of shooting. Galleries include a split of color and black and white photos. I do not provide every edit in color and black and white, as the decision is made at my discretion for stylistic purposes. Requests for additional edits can be accommodated at a price notated in your contract.

Wedding films are roughly 5-8 minutes and include color and black and white footage. If weather and area guidelines permit, you can expect drone/aerial footage. Because music selections are restricted by licensing laws, I am not able to accommodate specific music requests. That said, I assure you that the song selection process is one I spend considerable time on.

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Frequently! I've had the pleasure of documenting love stories on multiple continents and find I'm often most artistically inspired in new environments, I curate bespoke packages for all destination clients, so please reach out so we can build a proposal that suits your precise vision.

I've lived in Europe and Asia and my husband is from the Mediterranean, so we spend considerable time working and traveling abroad and are very comfortable doing so.

I take on a limited number of destination weddings each year to preserve my clients' experience.

I never provide RAW photographs.

Select RAW video footage can be purchased as an add-on. 

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Please thoughtfully fill out my inquiry form. The more information you can provide, the better I can discern if we are a good creative fit and the more prepared I will be for our consultation call. Following the call, I require a 50% deposit to book.

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